BLS World School


Classroom Early Years (Nursery, LKG, UKG)
The early year classrooms are equipped with child-friendly furniture like low detachable tables and low chairs, arranged in groups for optimum interaction and intermingling amongst the children. An air-conditioned environment provides space for comfortable learning. Smart boards equipped with the latest digital content help the children enjoy learning and facilitate interaction. Every classroom has a student capacity of 36 to ensure an appropriate and conducive surrounding.

Classroom Foundation Years, Junior and Senior School
The foundation years, middle and senior school classroom are equipped with age appropriate and ergonomic furniture which provides the students ample space to keep their belongings and comfortable seating throughout the school hours. Every classrooms has a student capacity of 40 to ensure optimum teaching- learning experience. Individual lockers / storage space are provided at this level, keeping in mind their physical comfort, security and safe-keeping of their belongings. ACs and smart boards are integral features of the classroom, providing maximum comfort and integration of knowledge respectively, to accelerate the teaching-learning process.

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