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A calendar is a great tool that supports students and parents in their preparation for future academic and other relevant events. Someone rightly said that there are only as many days in a year as you make use of. In order to make the students utilize every moment in the most optimal manner, The BLS World School will be uploading, very shortly, a well-organized calendar detailing all the forthcoming relevant events like weekly tests, examinations, holidays, sports-events, debates, inter-school competitions, intra-school competitions, extracurricular activities, and holidays etc.

                                                                ACTIVITY PLANNER    2020-2021






  • Welcome craft
  • Earth Day
  • Baisakhi
  • Family Tree
  • Think green, go green
  • Heritage Collage
  • Drum Charades
  • Think green, go green
  • Heritage Collage
  • School Movie Time


  • Twist the tale
  • Hindi kavita vachan
  • Yoga for healthy body
  • Word Pyramid
  • Hindi hasya nukkad natak
  • Shlok gayan
  • Model display: solar system
  • Representation of different tribes of our country
  • Hindi story writing


  • Little chef activity : non fire cooking
  • Plasticine modeling
  • Cleanliness Drive
  • English poem enactment & character dramatization
  • Kolam making activity
  • Show and tell
  • English poem enactment & character dramatization



  • English recitation
  • Plantation activity
  • Vegetables salad day
  • Mask making
  • Rakhi making for soldiers
  • Modeling activity
  • Hand on numbers
  • Road show: Stop use of plastic bags
  • Rakhi making for soldiers
  • Hindi shabd antakshari
  • Incredible India
  • Data collection activity
  • Rainbow indicators


  • Hindi recitation
  • Plantation activity
  • Vegetable salad day
  • Mask making
  • An interview with service providers
  • Thanks giving letter
  • Half early examination
  • Poster making : gender equality
  • Hindi kavita lekhan- Prakriti
  • Half yearly examination


  • English story narration
  • Traffic rules- Role play
  • Ramleela
  • English story telling
  • Mathegenious
  • Sapling plantation
  • Pizza tenses
  • Animal homes
  • Mask making activity
  • Mathegenious
  • Model representation  on habitats
  • Visit school ground for area and parameter


  • Hindi story narration
  • Animal collage
  • Movie time: animals
  • State cuisines: a community lunch
  • Hand writing competition
  • Friend a tree
  • Awareness program on safety and first aid
  • Building of landscapers
  • Calligraphy
  • Robotics: Designing an electric circuit
  • Design your simple
  • Tribal mask making



  • Community Helpers:
  • Role play, Santa cap making activity,
  • Christmas tree decoration
  • Little chef creativity
  • Best out of waste activity
  • Tree of distinctive attributes
  • Origami- geometrical



  • Science symphony quiz
  • Image show


  • Visit to post office
  • Fun with colours
  • Story narration
  • Awareness program: want to waste not
  • Change your wallet
  • Hindi debate
  • Innovate and develop a safety device


  • Paper plate aquarium making
  • Little Chef activity- Non fire
  • Spell-o-fun
  • Scavenger hunt
  • PPT Presentation (All subjects)


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