BLS World School

Age (3-6 Years) Early Years

Starting School is always  BLS World a momentous occasion in the life of any family. Our aim at BLS is to make the first step of your child’s school adventure as smooth positive and happy as possible.

Learning Path: The Early Years Path presents curriculum in a carefully designed programme at 5 levels. As your child completes each lesson he/she is guided to the next one and motivated to continue learning by Senso Motor, Personality, language, Cognition.

The first chapter of your child’s education at BLS begins here and includes the children aged between 2 yrs to 6 yrs. During these formative years a careful integrated 5 years programme of learning is provided which covers six content learning areas

  • Motor Skills
  • Language Art
  • Numeracy
  • Socio Emotional
  • Creative Art
  • Environment

The Daily Curriculum of Toddlers includes sufficient developmental appropriate activities for standard academic year such that each activity include the “Rationale” to assist facilitators in gaining holistic view of activities significance. Upon completion the students are  prepared for primary level education in most National and International Settings.






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