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A computer is one of the most ingenious inventions in the history of civilization. It has both immense
capacities to contain large sets of information and well as the amazing speed to accurately analyze the
information stored in it. This is what makes a computer essentially an integral part of education in this
modern world.
The modern computer lab at BLS World School is designed with 1:1 student computer ratio. It has
advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which caters to the requirements of the
students, teachers and the curriculum. The lab is equipped with IT enabled teaching aids and
simultaneously acts as the online examination room for inter-house and Inter-House online
The lab also acts as an In-house resource centre for R & D cell to develop customized worksheets,
lesson plans, assignments and evaluation papers for the students. As a policy matter before inducting a
faculty we ensure that they have a keen interest in information technology so that they can satiate the
growing thrust of our students.
Technology should be the backbone of any excellent centre for education. The computer lab at BLS is
the testimony to it.
 Computer Lab Rules
1. Students are prohibited to enter the lab unless authorized and escorted by the teacher.
2. Be responsible when using equipment, software and facilities in lab.
3. Report all problems related to the system to the teacher.
4. Scan diskettes and pen drives before using them.
5. Games are not allowed on computer inside the computer laboratory.
6. Do not attempt to repair the lab equipments.
7. Set the lab tools and furniture at proper place after every use.

8. Do not share the password with anyone.
9. Do not remove or upload any software into the computer.
10. Internet facilities is strictly for educational purpose and under the supervision of teacher only.
11. Do not change the settings in the computer.
12. Save all work in external storage and not in the computer.
13. Bags, food and drinks are prohibited in the lab.
14. Switch off all power supplies and computer accordingly after use.

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