BLS World School

Age (13-15 Years) Senior Years

“Education for Life”

The vision of learners completing senior cycle is that they will

pursue excellence in learning and develop a love of learning.

They will engage with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and

values that will enable them to learn how to learn in their life.

This is the stage of Grade 9th to 12th pattern of education leading to the All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) and All India Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi. The school offers wide range of subjects to be opted by the students as per their caliber, interest and aptitude besides compulsory core subjects in IX such as English, Science, Social Science, Mathematics and choice in second language (Hindi/Sanskrit/French/German/etc) in order to qualify for pass certificate in standard X. Where as in  grade XI, English being the compulsory subject, the three main streams offered to choose are  Science, Commerce & Humanities each with combination of five subjects from the available options in order to qualify for pass certificate in standard XII.

Science Streams: Physics, Chemistry, Biology/mathematics Physical Education/Computer Science.

Commerce Stream : Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics/Mathematics, Physical Education/Informatics Practices

Humanities Stream : Sociology/History, Political Science, Economics, Physical Education/ Informatics Practices/Maths/Painting/Music/Hindi

Developing Key Skills

The ability to think critically and creatively, innovate and adapt to change, to work independently and in a team, and to be  a reflective learner are prerequisites for life and for the workplace in the 21st century. These key skills play an important part in all learners achieving their potential, both during their time in school and in the future. They also enable learners to participate fully in society, including family and community life and the world of work.

This stage is highly crucial period for students since the education gained will go a long way in shaping their future. In order to make their life meaningful and successful, the school focuses on developing the five basic core skills that will help them to learn independently, to face the unexpected challenges in life, to overcome the shortfalls, accept the failures and learn to raise by strengthening their strengths and improving upon weak areas.

Information processing

This key skill helps learners become competent in an information-intensive environment. As well as developing the specific skills of accessing, selecting, evaluating and recording information, learners develop an appreciation of the differences between information and knowledge and the roles that both play in making decisions and judgements.

Critical and creative thinking

This key skill assists learners in being aware of different forms and patterns of thinking so that they become more skilled in higher order reasoning and problem solving. In engaging withthis key skill, learners reflect critically on the forms of thinking and values that shape their own perceptions, opinions and knowledge.


This key skill helps learners to appreciate how central communication is to human relationships of all kinds, and to become better communicators in both formal and informal situations. As well as developing specific skills in a variety of media they form a deeper understanding of the power of communication-particularly language and images-in the modern world. It also incorporates competence and confidence in literacy as an

essential basic skill for all learners.

Working with others

This key skill highlights the role that working with others plays in learning and in reaching both collective and personal goals. It helps learners gain some appreciation of the dynamics of groups and the social skills needed to engage in collaborative work. It contributes to an appreciation that working collectively can help


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