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The Library at BLS contains over 18000 books in addition to a range of DVDs, print documents, micro forms CD’s, e books, audio books, data base teaching aids etc. compact Disks. Our collection is constantly growing and changing in order to keep it fresh relevant and up to date. The library houses a bank of 15 computers for students use all with internet access and a suite of software programmes, e books with online links for study resource material. 
The library stocks a variety of resources for all levels and abilities, including;
•    Modern fiction, classic novels, graphic novels, short stories, poetry, plays and biographies.
•    Information books covering subjects from all streams such as Science (Medical & Non Medical), Commerce, Humanities, Fine Art, Health & Fitness, Culture, Cookery, and many more.
•    Reference books including encyclopedias, Language & Literature, dictionaries, atlas, guides, 
•    Important newspapers and periodicals for current information and competitive preparation

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