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Age (7-9 Years) Foundation Years

Later primary stage includes grades 3, 4, 5. It is built our curriculum style of Foundation Stage, gradually incorporate text books and formal class room learning. The aim of the stage will be to lay the general ground work across subjects, including 3 R’s Reading, WRiting and Arthematic.

Our philosophy identified this important period of learning in kids and provides the child with the right elements to facilitate learning.

This period is also the right time to introduce a variety of concepts in structured environment through a range of subjects: such as English, Maths, Hindi, Computing, Environmental Sciences, Art, Music and Sports. BLS provides a holistic form of education for its students aiding future leaders in gaining skills knowledge. Be the best you can be.


Learning Power

The 5 R’s of Effective Learning Strategies which promote confidence and independence Resilience: “I bounce back when things are tough” Reflectiveness: “ I learn from my mistakes” Reciprocity: “I love working in my Class” Resourcefulness: “I close my eyes to visualize”. Responsibility: I am responsible for our action/behavior. We don’t make excuses.

We have identified a few factors that are used to address the maximize the child’s potential Child centric curriculum Scientific designed materials Child Evaluation Branding & Communication Knowledge application

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